Soul Blossom Price Guide
Soul Blossom Brings the Power of Wild Herbs and Holy Blessings
to Your Instinctual Living Choices for Health and Beauty.

Soul Blossom

Soul Blossom brings the power of wild herbs and holy blessing
to your instinctual living choices for health and beauty.

The Green Earth yields a seasonal bounty to the Ozarks of Missouri. Each May you will have the opportunity to experience fresh Soul Blossom products to keep you healthy and happy and as you and your family begin to play and work outside. Our Spring production begins as we enter the season where spring cleaning, opening windows, planting gardens, hiking in the woods, planning vacations and mingling with neighbors and relations are filling the days on our calendar. Spring is a superior time to review your supply of Soul Blossom. SB Healing Balm comes in a travel size just right for car, purse or carry on travel luggage. Having one in several rooms as well as travel bags simplifies a busy life when natural living creates a scratch, burn, or scrap and the cry for "Soul Blossom!" rings through the house.

While taking outdoor walks, especially in the woods, state parks or country roads, remember to carry SB Repel, Relief and Refresh, gentle enough for babies and our elders.

Tired muscles or tight chests from colds respond nicely to SB Warming Rub. SB Healing Oil is our first choice for healing touch massage, body care and trading foot rubs.

SB Lip Balm is another item you may wish to have in several locations and is especially healing when spending more time outdoors and in the sun. Remember to increase fluids as well as carrying for your skin topically during windy or sunny weather.

Shanti and Radiance are two SB products that create sacred as well as simply beauty in your life. Renew your heart and soul with a drop to the heart chakra or one of our soul stones in the sun for natural aromatherapy. Radiance creates a shine on the body as well as the soul for sun bathing or after your daily bath or shower.

You never need to discard used or out dated SB products! They are perfect for freshening wood pieces like cutting boards, or softening dry skin locations like elbows or heels.

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Healing Balm ~ Our original Soul Blossom Healing Balm (SBHB) for basic and holistic healing of cuts, scrapes, abrasions, bumps, bruises, bangs, bites, itches, rashes, and post surgical incisions. For the whole family journey.
1 ounce glass jar - $17.00

Travel Balm ~ SBHB just the right size for travel, car, purse, first aid kit, etc.
1/4 ounce plastic with snap lid - $6.00

Lip Balm ~ Our unique SBHB with a touch of Jasmine to soothe & beautify.
1/4 ounce glass jar - $6.00

Healing Oil ~ Our Mother base of SBHB creates a divine massage oil for moisturizing from hair to toe.
4 ounce glass jar - $25.00

Warming Rub ~ Our SBHB with warming and penetrating qualities for soothing achy muscles and loosening chest congestion.
1 ounce glass jar - $17.00

Refresh ~ Freshens body, mind, soul or space.
4 fluid ounce plastic bottle with atomizer- $11.00

Repel ~ An insect repellent gentle enough for babies.
4 fluid ounce plastic bottle - $11.00

Relief ~ For relief of bites, stings, itches, whelps, rashes or for cleansing spray.
4 fluid ounce glass bottle with atomizer - $11.00

Shanti ~ An inspiring blend made from our SBHB Mother base and uniquely blessed for use in yoga, meditation and moments of prayer. From our heart Chakra to yours.
1/4 ounce glass jar - $10.00

Radiance ~ The Ultimate Body Moisturizer. a marriage of Hawaiian and Indian traditions, this blend of organic coconut and sesame oils creates a sleek, radiant body for your ever blooming soul. Touch of jasmine and lavender added for heavenly scent. Used for professional or personal massage neck to toe.
4 ounce plastic jar - $18.00

Garlic Oil ~ A powerful organic infusion of raw garlic in a base of olive oil. Blessed and cured for one moon cycle and harvested on the full moon. Useful topically as an aid in healing infections or imbalances in the ears, lungs, chest, throat or entire system. Works synergistically well with SB Warming Rub or Healing Balm.
1 ounce glass bottle with dropper - $11.00

Ceremonial Altar Stone with Meditation Oil ~ A natural and native form of aromatherapy. The altar stone is heart fully selected from the live Missouri streams. Placed in the warming sun rays settling on your home or travel altar and anointed with a drop of Meditation Oil, your altar stone becomes a natural source of aromatherapy and carries your blessing and intention forward.
Various Native Shapes and Sizes with 1/4 ounce glass jar Meditation Oil - $15.00

Ceremonial Smudge Sticks ~ Grown, gathered, designed, created, and blessed by Happy Souls for purification ceremonies or perfect for any altar. Request Lavender or Sage.
Small - $3.00
Medium - $5.00
Large - $7.00

Ceremonial Lavender Bouquets ~ We fell in love with these when we began gifting them for weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, showers, housewarmings or any moment to say, "Congratulations! and may your Soul Blossom!" Seasonally available.
Small - $5.00
Medium - $7.00

All Soul Blossom products are for topical or external use only. Apply with love.
Missouri residents pay tax of 5.725%. $6.00 shipping and handling charges apply to all purchases. Purchases over $100.00 are shipped without charge.

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Consider a visit or retreat! Soul Blossom proceeds are a part of our little cottage industry to support the holywork and charitable choices of MorningStar Community ~ Spiritual Centre for Instinctual Living.

May Your Soul Blossom!

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