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“May the Simple and Sacred lead us to a more peace-filled planet.” ~ MorningStar

Simplicity, sacredness, silence and solitude are the living elements surrounding our cottages located in the beautiful Ozark foothills of Missouri.


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We provide and preserve sacred space that honors the well being of our natural environment and the woodland creatures who dwell on the Holyland. Each season adorns the virgin woods and the cultured gardens with a wealth of beauty and peace.

Spiritual expansion is the guiding purpose for opening the cottages to those who wish to rest, renew, rebirth or retrieve their soul in a holy place. Personal retreats are designed and defined individually. Spiritual Direction is available as well as Yoga Instruction and/or Wellness Education based upon the simple and sacred wisdom of instinctual living. All religions, traditions and ways of the global people are respected with regard to the basic principles of loving kindness toward all living beings.

The home rules on the Holyland include non-violence, no addictive or abusive behaviors, vegetarianism and a desire to increase one's capacity to be loving — toward others and toward oneself. Practical home rules and guidelines are posted inside the cottages. The grounds include more than a hundred acres of virgin woods with paths and meadows, fire circles, an ancestral meditation labyrinth, four directional lavender prayer garden, inspirational icons, herbal, vegetable and flower gardens, creeks, many benches including a bliss bench for watching the setting sun and a night sky full of twinkling stars.


Our Wilderness Sanctuary sets at the foot of the Ancestral Meditation Labyrinth, which ascends Dogwood Mountain. It is tucked at the edge of the woods near the creek, and provides a simple, safe, sacred space for deep meditation and reflection.

In addition to a lovely creek-lined meadow ideal for tent sites, there are two inside dwellings: Rose Cottage and Casita.


Rose Cottage is the home of MorningStar and is sometimes available to retreatants during times of mission work and is not available during the rhythmic Wimyn, Myn, and Community Retreats. It features a large, open room with a twin hide-away bed, laundry room, full kitchen and bath, and a large deck with a hammock. When Rose Cottage is available, the entire Holyland along with gardens, walkways, Casita’s amenities and MorningStar Wilderness Sanctuary become the private and personal space of the retreatants.


Casita photo Casita is a heavenly haven decorated with handcrafted tile from Mexico, the home of our mission work. It is a wellness centre as well, and has a whirlpool and sauna to heal body, mind and soul. This cottage also has air-conditioning, central heat, a little kitchen and a private bedroom and sitting room. Although phone and electricity make Casita a modern dwelling place, over-use or abuse of techno crafts (i.e. TV, CD, PC, etc.) sacrifice the peace and intention of the Holyland. We encourage you to let the world go on without you a bit while you retreat; that you might return to your life renewed, calm, wise and filled with Loving Kindness.


Tipi photo We are proud to offer a special native experience for those wishing to explore, enjoy and find soul renewal within the context of the Native American Tipi Lodge. Our large gathering tipi, known to us as Sacred Circle Lodge, is home to many ceremony, ritual and Blue Moon Retreat. The gathering tipi is set upon an oak deck with a fire pit at her center and can provide shelter to one person or a group of 8. Windfeather Lodge is a tipi perfect for one to three overnight guests. Retreatants may reserve one of our cherished tipis or simply spend time inside making prayers and finding the peace that is unique to their spiritual design.

All retreatants are asked to spend some time in complete Silence in holy work with the gardens during their stay as a lasting exchange of divine love. You are invited to balance your time between walking and exploring the lovely grounds while guided instinctually by your inner needs through ritual, prayer, meditation, song, art, journaling, literature or pure and silent rest.

Interested retreatants are invited to contact us for a personal inner-view with MorningStar, Hermitess and guardian of The Holyland.

Sister MorningStar
22 Blue Jay Road
Kaiser, MO 65047-2106
(573) 348-6288

MorningStar Community is an intentional, ecumenical community founded by a Cherokee Hermitess and Catholic mystic. Our mission is to preserve and protect the simple and sacred through instinctual living, educational experiences, spiritual direction, personal disciplines, and collective and individual spiritual retreats. Our vision is thus: we honor the wildish nature by finding sacred and encouraging in our selves and our kinsters the ways of instinctive knowing, of inner growth and spritual expansion and the passing on of wisdom through ritual and storytelling. We strive for world peace and global solidarity. While on the Holyland we uphold these principles: peaceful ways, not harming or forcing life, vegetarian lifestyle, gratitude/gratefulness, cherishing life, valuing relationships, simplistic living, loving as our divine spirit loves.

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