MorningStar Community Philosophy
"We promise to... Love as our Divine Spirit loves; freely, purely, instinctively, abundantly; to Love as we have been loved – richly, with grand enthusiasm and without hesitation.” ~ MorningStar Community Guiding Principle

MorningStar Community is a people and place that honors the Simple and Sacred through Instinctual Living. In all aspects of our world and our lives we seek to honor and be guided by the wisdom of the simple and the sacred…


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  • in what we eat, what we wear, where we live, how we live;
  • how we plan our children, conceive our children, and birth, raise and educate our children;
  • how we marry and how we live in our marriages;
  • how we ritualize the great passages of our lives and how we die;
  • how we gather together – when, why and where; and
  • what we explore as we commit and devote ourselves to spiritual expansion.

We live consciously with the Sacred and Simple in order to create a more peace-filled planet; both within ourselves individually and within our community, collectively. This carries with us in our presence in the wider community of our world’s people – wherever we might travel, shop, study, work, play, pray or worship.

Our philosophy of preserving the simple and sacred through instinctual living in all aspects of our life guides us privately, personally and individually as we seek to heal wounds of the past, make healthy choices for the present and vision possibilities for reaching our fullest potentials in the future.

Our vision and philosophy also guide us in our mission work. We give a bit more of who we are and a bit more of our wealth; investing our time, money, energy, love and vision in being a part of what makes the world a gentler, more lovely place for all – especially the most vulnerable, weak, young, old, lonely, alone, sick or scared.

So the philosophy takes life and form on the Holyland and in the lives of the community’s peoples wherever they live – in simple actions such as slowing down on a gravel road to allow the passage of a woodland turtle who must make its way across a manmade path through his homeland, or by donating service time with our mission work in Mexico.

Whether the political becomes the personal or the personal is political, our community goes beyond debate and into living. We concern ourselves with the application of the Simple and Sacred, using it as our practical guide. When complexity leaves us feeling confused, we return to the concept of the Sacred and Simple and strive to make elementary decisions based on instinct, intuition, and role modeling of wise elders when possible. We acknowledge that each individual or collective who must live intimately with the results of a decision are the ones with the inherent right and responsibility to use their intelligence and instinct in making decisions.

The wisdom of all major world religions speaks to these basic principles… of non-violence and of Loving Kindness to all living beings. With lasting and personal experience we encourage and support the following practices:


  • Home Birth– Simple and sacred birth under a tree, under the stars, or birth by moonlight. We acknowledge that all children are Divinely planned and have a Divine Destiny; they have a purpose and the right at birth to the equivalent of the Cherokee Birth Blessing – held high and bathed by sun or moon Light – “May you live long enough to know why you were born.”
  • Home Education – Organic learning encourages the development of instinct, intuition, and innate intelligence.
  • Home Health – Wellness Therapies include breath, movement, rest, pure water, fresh foods and natural medicines for restoring balance and maintaining health.
  • Home Worship – Simple and sacred worship through ritual and ceremony promotes innate community building.
  • Home Death – Simple and sacred departure, surrounded by loved ones and with the traditional blessings and prayers of the people of their choosing.

After decades of devoted, conscious and instinctual living, MorningStar Community is inspired to share our experience with the wider circle. Visit our Retreat Centre Personal Retreats page to learn more and share the journey.

Honoring the Simple and Sacred as a Way of Instinctual Living ~ MorningStar Community

Sister MorningStar
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MorningStar Community is an intentional, ecumenical community founded by a Cherokee Hermitess and Catholic mystic. Our mission is to preserve and protect the simple and sacred through instinctual living, educational experiences, spiritual direction, personal disciplines, and collective and individual spiritual retreats. Our vision is thus: we honor the wildish nature by finding sacred and encouraging in our selves and our kinsters the ways of instinctive knowing, of inner growth and spritual expansion and the passing on of wisdom through ritual and storytelling. We strive for world peace and global solidarity. While on the Holyland we uphold these principles: peaceful ways, not harming or forcing life, vegetarian lifestyle, gratitude/gratefulness, cherishing life, valuing relationships, simplistic living, loving as our divine spirit loves.

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