"To preserve and protect the simple and sacred..." ~ MorningStar Mission Statement

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Raising Divine Children links:

Retreat Centre Links:

Hermitage Spiritual Retreat Centre ~ On Lake Pomme de Terre at Pittsburg, Missouri. The Hermitage Spiritual Retreat Center provides Christian hospitality, inviting reverence for God, all people, and the natural environment. Persons of all faith traditions and others sincerely seeking God are welcome.

Yoga & Sanskrit Links:

Archive of Indological Resources Online ~ Sanskrit at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. ~ Resources for self-realization, God realization, and spiritual life.

Professional Massage Therapy Center ~ Massage Therapy and Yoga Classes at the Lake of the Ozarks

Midwifery & Childbirth Links:

Guest blog post, Freedom, for Midwife International, an organization that offers midwifery education abroad.

C.A.S.A. ~ Launched in 1981, El Centro Para Los Adolescentes de San Miguel de Allende (CASA) is a private, non-profit health and social service agency which serves the indigent poor of Guanajuato, Mexico. Priority is given to meeting the needs of adolescents and the rural poor with emphasis on education, prevention, and primary care.

The Compleat Mother Magazine ~ The magazine about pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Many great articles and humor for progressive parents. Radical? You be the judge!

Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery ~ Honoring women, changing lives, and building a healthy world through the Midwifery Model of Care.

Friends of Missouri Midwives (FoMM) ~ Citizens in support of the midwifery option. We believe that with intelligent inquiry, access to education, and utilization of informed choice and disclosure statements, parents are the sole best decision-makers when it comes to their own maternity health care, for no one mode or place of birth suits all families.

International Center for Traditional Childbearing ~ ICTC's mission is to enhance the health and well being of women and their families and to develop and preserve the traditional role of the midwife in the Black community. ICTC honors midwifery as an ancient tradition and as a healing art. From our intergenerational circle, we pass our healing arts on to our community.

Midwifery Today ~ Learn about birth and midwifery! Visit the Midwifery Today Web site to read articles, participate in the forums and subscribe to a free e-mail newsletter. You can also shop for birth-related products, subscribe to Midwifery Today magazine and learn about upcoming conferences.

Water Birth International ~ Assisting women and their families discover the benefits of laboring and giving birth in water since 1989. Offering unique services to parents and practitioners alike. Look at all the pages in this site to gain an understanding of the gentle birth choice of laboring and giving birth in water.

Religious Links:

FindtheDivine ~ A directory of spiritual retreat centers in North America.

Baby Links:

KnitKnacks for Baby ~ Knit baby sweaters & more, made with love.

Mommas Baby ~ Natural products and gifts for both momma and baby, including organic clothing & toys, cloth diapering supplies, natural skin care, pregnancy & nursing supplies, natural gift baskets and much more!

The Nursing Baby ~ Organization promoting the use of breastmilk

Vegetarian & Organic Links:

Vitality Cafe on Facebook

Natural Selections

Organic cotton clothing made with the family in mind ~ Organic cotton apparel for adult child and infant. Keepsakes, Bath and Body all at one place for you and your family.

The RAW BUZZ ~ Mid-Missouri's Living Foods Networking & Info Hub.

Thymely Solutions ~ The purest, organic, non-genetically engineered products available.

VegeCyber ~ offers Vegetarian, Organic, Vegan international foodproducts, including a large selection of frozen gourmet and vege sea foods online order. The world is 5% Vegetarian Vs.95% non-vegetarian now. Hopefully,a Vegetarian diet will become more and more popular!

Vegetarianism & Beyond

Community & Miscellaneous Links:

Foraging With the "Wildman" ~ Learn about edible and medicinal wild vegetables, herbs, greens, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, and mushrooms with NYC's favorite naturalist, "Wildman" Steve Brill. Find out about his public Wild Food and Ecology tours in local parks, and the work he does with kids. Read excerpts from his books, enjoy his botanical artwork and vegetarian recipes, and find out what happened after he was arrested and handcuffed by undercover NYC park rangers for eating a dandelion in Central Park!

Colorado Yurt Company

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MorningStar Community is an intentional, ecumenical community founded by a Cherokee Hermitess and Catholic mystic. Our mission is to preserve and protect the simple and sacred through instinctual living, educational experiences, spiritual direction, personal disciplines, and collective and individual spiritual retreats. Our vision is thus: we honor the wildish nature by finding sacred and encouraging in our selves and our kinsters the ways of instinctive knowing, of inner growth and spritual expansion and the passing on of wisdom through ritual and storytelling. We strive for world peace and global solidarity. While on the Holyland we uphold these principles: peaceful ways, not harming or forcing life, vegetarian lifestyle, gratitude/gratefulness, cherishing life, valuing relationships, simplistic living, loving as our divine spirit loves.

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