Spiritual Centre for Instinctual Living
“May you live long enough to know why you were born.” ~Cherokee Birth Blessing

We are MorningStar Community – Spiritual Centre for Instinctual Living (MSC-SCIL). It has been our privilege for more than three decades to participate in the preservation and promotion of home centered instinctual living.

As a community, we believe that birth, health, education, worship and death belong at home. We believe that it is home where these natural and inherent passages of life are kept the most simple and sacred. We support the instinctual desire among Global peoples to preserve the right to Home Birth, Home Health, Home Education, Home Worship and Home Death.

MorningStar Community
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We support and encourage research, education, projects and future visioning which promote the global viability of instinctual birth, health, education, worship and death. MSC-SCIL has an experienced and caring staff who provide individual and collective opportunities for spiritual retreats, education, spiritual direction, yoga and wellness plans. Instinctual birth is the beginning of living instinctually and so we have many special programs, projects and a religious order dedicated to the preservation and promotion of simple and sacred birth.

Living instinctually, inspired by simple and sacred principles, promotes a sense of well being in body, mind, heart and soul. If we find ourselves less than whole and happy, we can invite rebalance. We can assist the natural wisdom and process of nature with simple principles such as fresh air, pure water, earth foods, free movement, peaceful rest, laughter, honest emotions and a bit of work and play and service to others. Ancestral wisdom passed on within community through ritual and story telling encourages our own instinctual wisdom.

Within a core set of programs, we soulfully provide:

  • Community-based spiritual retreats
  • Private spiritual retreats
  • Specialized study groups
  • Yoga classes and private yoga instruction
  • World Peace Yoga retreats
  • Instinctual Midwifery and Childbirth study groups and education
  • Herbal walks and wild crafting
  • Healing balms
  • Inspirational publications
  • Private and family spiritual direction
  • Community worship
  • Holistic consultations
  • Wild food and nutritional education
  • Individually designed well care plans
  • Traditional rituals and ceremonies
  • Dream analysis
  • Breath work
  • Family building and bonding
  • Culturally sensitive Instinctual Family Planning & Fertility Awareness
  • Community living opportunities
  • Wisdom Ways of global peoples study
  • Self Study
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Eco-culture gardening
  • Animal rights Awareness
  • Mission outreach and service – locally, neighborly and globally
  • Simple and Sacred Living as a way to World Peace and Global Solidarity

Reclaiming and rebuilding wise and instinctual life within spiritual community is our way of affirming World Peace and Global Solidarity. It links us to our ancestors and the next generation. We encourage you to follow your instinctual wisdom, and invite you to share in the journey. If you desire, you may visit the Holyland for personal retreat, rest and renewal.

Wellness plans are designed individually following an inner-view with MorningStar. All plans are created around the healing traditions of Earth, Air, Fire and Water with respect to the Wisdom Ways of Global Peoples to whom one feels an affinity.

Educational experiences and opportunities are also designed individually. See our Calendar for scheduled classes, study groups, retreats and special events.

Sister MorningStar
22 Blue Jay Road
Kaiser, MO 65047-2106
(573) 348-6288

MorningStar Community is an intentional, ecumenical community founded by a Cherokee Hermitess and Catholic mystic. Our mission is to preserve and protect the simple and sacred through instinctual living, educational experiences, spiritual direction, personal disciplines, and collective and individual spiritual retreats. Our vision is thus: we honor the wildish nature by finding sacred and encouraging in our selves and our kinsters the ways of instinctive knowing, of inner growth and spritual expansion and the passing on of wisdom through ritual and storytelling. We strive for world peace and global solidarity. While on the Holyland we uphold these principles: peaceful ways, not harming or forcing life, vegetarian lifestyle, gratitude/gratefulness, cherishing life, valuing relationships, simplistic living, loving as our divine spirit loves.

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