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“May our children's children play at our feet.” ~ MorningStar Community Blessing
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Primary Contact for MorningStar Community:
Sister MorningStar, Hermitess


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MorningStar Community
22 Blue Jay Road
Kaiser, MO 65047-2106
(573) 348-6288
(573) 434.2735 (cell)

We welcome love notes and monetary gifts to support the Holywork of MorningStar Community and/or our Spanish Mission Work. Please mail donations and/or love notes to the MorningStar Community address above. May your generosity return to you one-hundred fold.

Secondary Contact for MorningStar Community:
Tabitha Hall
(573) 434.2702

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Our physical location: The Holyland is located in central Missouri, approximately 3 hours southeast of Kansas City and 3 hours southwest of St. Louis.

map of missouri

Directions to the Holyland:

  • Take State Highway 54 into Osage Beach, Missouri.
  • Exit Osage Beach Parkway
  • Turn south onto Barry Prewit Memorial Drive at HyVee stoplight.
  • Continue for approximately 1 mile.
  • Turn right onto first gravel road – marked Oak Bend Road.
  • Follow the main gravel road 3 miles, continuing straight over the low water bridge.
  • Turn right onto Blue Jay Road.
  • Cross Bear Creek Bridge and take the next right , Wild Rose Lane, onto the Holyland.

For Visual Clarity:

closeup map of Osage Beach and area

Sister MorningStar
22 Blue Jay Road
Kaiser, MO 65047-2106
(573) 348-6288

MorningStar Community is an intentional, ecumenical community founded by a Cherokee Hermitess and Catholic mystic. Our mission is to preserve and protect the simple and sacred through instinctual living, educational experiences, spiritual direction, personal disciplines, and collective and individual spiritual retreats. Our vision is thus: we honor the wildish nature by finding sacred and encouraging in our selves and our kinsters the ways of instinctive knowing, of inner growth and spritual expansion and the passing on of wisdom through ritual and storytelling. We strive for world peace and global solidarity. While on the Holyland we uphold these principles: peaceful ways, not harming or forcing life, vegetarian lifestyle, gratitude/gratefulness, cherishing life, valuing relationships, simplistic living, loving as our divine spirit loves.

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